Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Homework w.c 19th April

As we can't send bits of paper home at the moment, the children's spellings will be posted on here each week. 

The homework menu is to follow as well.


Other homework:

My Maths homework will be set each week. Please ask if you have forgotten your log in.

They should be using TT rockstars frequently.


Children can bring a reading book home from the library which will be quarantined on its return into school. As well as this, the sora reading app is also available to all pupils. Please ask if you need your log in information sent out again. Children should be trying to do some reading each day. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Friday Home Learning

 We did it! The last day of home learning is here!




Have a go at the comprehension, work through the PPT before answering the questions on the sheet.
Comprehension answers - PARENTS ONLY

Add images to each of your spellings to ensure you understand the meaning of each one. Once you have done it, try writing a sentence putting each of the words into context.

Forest School

Get creative with your reading places!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Thursday Home Learning - 04/03




Answers - PARENTS ONLY    

Reasoning and problem solving


Have a look at the BBC Bitesize activities for alliteration:
BBC Bitesize

Write a book review! As it is World Book Day, have a go at writing your own book review on a story you have really enjoyed. Try and include some alliteration to practise the skill from your starter. Remember this is a shortburst 15-20min piece of writing.


Next week we will be writing a letter together persuading Mr Watson to allow us to have Golden Fridays! This will be a whole day every week working away from the curriculum, a day of games, films, drawing and any other exciting activities classes would like to do. 

Start putting together some persuasive language we could use in our letter to persuade him!


It's World Book Day, enjoy a story of your choice with your family!


World Book Day

Live Event 10:30am

World Book Day Website

Recommendations from Miss C

Journey to the River Sea - Eve Ibbotson

Running Wild - Michael Morpurgo


This half term we are going to be looking at different types of French food.

Have a look at this lesson on Oak Academy to learn some names for particular foods in French and look at the ideas of masculine or feminine and singular or plural.

Learning the French names of some foods



Lots of you are asking how to get onto the Sora App so I have attached the instructions again for you to have a look at if you have forgotten.

Instructions to log on

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Wednesday 03/03





Answers - PARENTS ONLY    

Reasoning and problem solving




Can you change sentences into the imperative tense?

1. Please could you brush your teeth?
2. Could you put your clothes back into your wardrobe
3. Would you mind peeling a banana for your baby brother?
4. Perhaps you could go outside and play football.
5. Do you think you could finish your Science homework?

Now change these so they are not in the imperative tense:

1. Go and stand in the corner!
2. Do not hit your big sister with that umbrella
3. Put that hammer back in the toolbox

Write a set of instructions for putting on your school uniform. 
This is to practise your use of imperative verbs.

Box up the model text. (We will be looking at this in the live lesson)


Rainbow spellings

World Book Day

World Book Day this year is on Thursday 4th Marth. 

Check out the World Book Day website for the live events that will be going on over the next couple of days.

World Book Day

Live Event 10:30am


Have a look at the historical pieces of Art that Grayson got his inspiration from for each of the tapestries. Write about the elements of each historic piece of art that you can see Grayson Perry has transferred into his tapestries. Can you see the similarities between them?

Adoration of the Cage Fighters based on The Adoration of the Shepherds by Andrea Mantegna

Agony in the Car Park based on The Agony in the Garden by Giovanni Bellini and Altarpiece by Matthias Grunewald

Expulsion from Number 8 Eden Close based on The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden by Masaccio

Annunciation of the Virgin Deal based on The Annunciation by different artists

The Upper Class at Bay based on the portrait 'The Landed Gentry' by Thomas Gainsborough

Lamentation based on the painting 'Lamentation' by Rogier Van Der Weyden

If you have forgotten the meaning behind each of the tapestries have a look at them on this website:

Grayson Perry

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