Friday, September 25, 2020

Oliver has been busy using his science skills again today as well as some art skills thrown in as well. Looks like some great teamwork has gone on to create some very effective fossils.

Some lovely work done by Neave, really like the creativeness of your french family tree incorporating your art skills. 

Neave has also been thinking about our Literacy and has drawn a great picture of a shark ready for getting going with it again next week!

Well done Neave :)

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Running out of things to do?


When we were in school we had a go at making shark origami that I know a lot of you really enjoyed. Unfortunately we never got chance to finish it. Here is the link if you want to have a go at home...

If you were finding that one too challenging here is an easier version for you to follow.

There are 100's of videos on youtube that you can follow to make any animal you like. Have a go at one of your favourites and send me a picture of the result:

If origami isn't your thing....

Can you create a shark logo we could put up in the classroom during our sharks Literacy unit? The more creative the better. You won't be able to bring this into school but you can send me a photo and we can print it off. 


Oliver has been showing off his science skills by teaching his brothers how to create tornadoes in a bottle.

He's also had a go at the Marvel PE session, looks like you all had great fun!

Marvellous Me!


I have sent out some Marvellous Me badges this morning to those of you doing some fantastic home learning! You're really showing your independence, maturity and resilience. Keep it up Red Kites.

If you have been doing some marvellous home learning or other family fun activities, remember to send them to me at 

🌟We can all be Marvellous 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

 Minecraft PE going on in Leila's house today....think her poor mum is very worn out! 

You will definitely have to give us all a lesson back at school Leila.

Annie has been busy the last couple of days...think the look on your face in that yoga pose says it all haha! Great to see you having a go at some stretches and using the internet for an active activity.

A very French family tree too...a really good layout that is clear to read. Miss Craven does not know much French and I can clearly work out who is who in your family. Well done for extending your knowledge to more family members.

A lovely idea for a principle card too. Spread positivity....we can all have days where our positivity wavers and we feel more half empty than half full. As long as we understand we can all feel this way and we work to help those people to turn that glass upside down back to half full then we know we are doing something good. Every cloud has a silver lining! We can always find something good in any dark cloud. We should work to spread this everywhere we go.

Oliver has been busy using his science skills again today as well as some art skills thrown in as well. Looks like some great teamwork has g...